January 4, 2012

Ruby WWF

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Golden Heart finalist calls will come out in less than three months.

But that’s not the “it” I’m talking about (yet). It’s almost time for the annual Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival.

The festival starts on Jan. 11 and runs through the end of February — an extra day, with this being a leap year.

Okay, I cheated: This is the 2011 badge, from my old writing blog. But I will be participating again this year. I plan to give some serious thought to my goals before posting them here.

That’s the great thing about the WWF: You determine the goals. If you want to throw in there “get a massage,” you can. Of course, it makes sense to have most of them be writing-related — it is the Winter Writing Festival, after all, not Relax-a-palooza.

Come, write with me and the Rubies. You can get a lot accomplished while having a blast.

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