March 13, 2012



If it weren’t such a cliche, I’d ask where the heck the year has gone. It seems impossible that March is already upon us β€” and not just March, but mid-March. What happened to January and February?

Lost to a haze of working, working out, reading, tweeting, writing and rewriting, I suppose. With the help of the Rubies and their Winter Writing Festival, and my critique partner, I’ve been busy pummeling Brad and Erin’s story into submission shape. It’s getting closer … I just hope it gets there soon.

The only thing I haven’t been doing is blogging (here, anyway. My weight-loss blog is flourishing. I joined Romance Biggest Winner 2 and am taking part in an online boot camp, both of which provide plenty of fodder for posts over there.)

In about two weeks, Golden Heart calls will be made. Will I get one? I kind of doubt it, since neither of my entries has done well in other contests this year. I’m not counting myself out yet, but I won’t be surprised if the phone doesn’t ring.

No matter what happens on March 25, I’m firmly committed to querying, submitting and writing my not-so-little heart out. 2012 is going to be a great year.