October 18, 2010


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One of my heroines boasts to the hero, “I’m good at multitasking.” Of course, it turns out she’s not.

Neither am I. I think that’s the reason I haven’t gotten much accomplished lately.

Earlier in the year, I had focus: I wanted to finish “Beauty and the Ballplayer.” I had to send out queries on “Blind Date Bride.” I focused on expanding and rewriting Cassie & Dustin and Bree & Mike’s stories, bringing them to full category length.

Now, I’m in a sort of free-fall.

I have two Golden Heart entries I’m trying to revise, but I’m at a loss about exactly what needs improving. (I’ve gotten some great feedback from one of my NARWA sisters on Beauty and the Ballplayer, so that revision has been going like gangbusters for the last few days.)

I have about 30K written on Beth & Cody’s story, which puts them exactly where I hate to be: The sagging middle.

I’ve pulled out a couple of old (really old), unfinished stories and am falling in love with those characters — but not the work involved in bringing the MSs up to snuff.

And then there’s the NaNo. I’m champing at the bit to start in on Kenny & Kristi’s tale, but refuse to let myself start early. I’ll need that forward momentum to carry me through my subpar writing days in November.

With all the projects dancing around my cluttered mind, I can’t seem to settle on any one. Last week, I got just 1,500 new words written on Beth & Cody’s story.

It’s time to redirect my focus. First, finish the update on Meg & Matt. Then, a week for Kari & Damien. By the time that’s done, it’ll be NaNo time.