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June 14, 2011



I normally don’t pay much attention to my horoscope.

Oh sure, I know my sign — Libra — and the signs of family. I even check my horoscope every Thursday, when I’m putting together the Sunday puzzle page for the newspaper. I’ll also read it if I stumble across it in a magazine.

But believe it? Not a chance. It’s entertainment, like a movie or a particularly hilarious Twitter stream.

Some horoscopes stick with me, though. The one I read in the June issue of Sedona Monthly is one of those:

This should be your current mantra: authentic. No matter what is coming at you, stay true to yourself. Remain centered and remember who you are. It will be hard, since people are coming at you from all sides with unexpected opportunities. As long as you remain faithful to your heart, you will be able to enjoy the attention and support you are getting from people you never imagined would notice poor little old you.”

Given all the attention I’ve been getting since finaling in the Golden Heart®, this prediction really hit home for me.

As I gear up for my first RWA Nationals, opportunities are starting to come my way — and I expect more at the conference. (The power of positive thinking at work, right?)

According to this horoscope,  I just need to stay true to myself. Easy-peasy, right? Nobody knows me better than me!