September 26, 2015


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LynnSexySaturday_bannerTime for another My Sexy Saturday. Since I’m not feeling terribly sexy today, I’ll just let my characters do the talking.

This snippet is from a still-untitled work-in-progress, but it’s the steamiest thing I’ve written in months.



Luis hooked his fingers on either side of the panties and pulled them off. Then he unclasped the bra to free her breasts. She still faced the window, and it served him a perfect reflection of her gloriously naked body.

God, she was gorgeous. No question that little Randi Vega had grown into one hell of a sexy woman. And, for tonight at least, she was all his.

Her forehead creased and her hands slammed onto her hips, the movement jiggling her breasts. “If this is your idea of hard and fast, we might have a problem.”

A tiny smile played at the corners of her mouth, so the comment didn’t annoy him. He merely grinned again and cupped her breasts. They were heavy in his palms. Ripe. He gently pinched one taut nipple.

“You really think we have a problem, Randi?”

He rolled the other nipple between his thumb and finger, plumping it. Priming it. When she arched back, thrusting her chest against his palms and grinding against his pelvis, he whirled her to face him. He scraped his teeth over the plump bead. Closed his lips over it and began to suckle.

“N-n-n-no.” Randi’s answer was half sigh, half moan. “No problem at all.”