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TW Ogling Teaser 1 #baseball #romance #KindleUnlimited exclusiveHere’s the scoop. I’m trying something new: KDP Select.

Starting today through late November, Ogling the Outfielder will be available ONLY on Kindle—and it’s free for subscribers of Kindle Unlimited.

When I started writing the story, the intent was to enroll it in KU as a test. I just hadn’t yet gotten around to it. That is the case no more.

Click the teaser photo to go directly to the book’s Amazon page.

And if you like the sneak peek in the picture, here’s a bit more of that scene. Enjoy!


With his eyes closed, he heard Alex’s sneakers squeaking on the cement before he saw her.

He half-opened one eye. The second quickly followed, giving him a better view. She was…er… “Stunning.”

Alex’s cheeks turned pink, and she dropped her gaze to the floor. “Thanks.”

Crap. Her answer meant he’d said it aloud. One good thing: at least she knew how to take a compliment. Most women he knew brushed them off—or worse, fished for more.

Not that he wouldn’t willingly give them in Alex’s case. Her black T-shirt clung lovingly to full breasts. She was, if he had to guess, a solid C-cup. Just the way he liked—

Alex cleared her throat. “Sam?”


“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’d never seen boobs before.”

The teasing note in her voice did nothing to assuage his guilt. He lifted his head and met her eyes. “Sorry.”

She was right. He’d been ogling boobs since age thirteen—so why did these particular breasts rob him of the power of speech?

They were nice, sure. Perfect globes, straining against soft black cotton. But he’d seen, even felt up, some of the finest tits money could buy. This specific intern’s perfectly nice rack shouldn’t leave his mouth dry and his jaw on the floor.

Alex’s arms crossed, thrusting what he couldn’t stop staring at into even more prominence.

He made an effort and dragged his gaze back to her face. “I’ll behave.”

Her lips lifted in a half smile. “Somehow I doubt that.”

“Would you like me better if I were well-behaved?”

Alex’s eyes widened. Her sharp intake of breath said she was as surprised by the question as he was.

“Never mind. Don’t answer that. Why don’t we start this whole conversation over?” He scrubbed his hand over his face as if that could erase the last several minutes. “Ready to grab some food?”


“No?” Damn. So much for starting over.

She shook her head. “That’s not what I meant. Yes, I’m hungry. Starved, as a matter of fact. The peanut butter toast I had for breakfast is long gone.”

She paused and drew a deep breath. “No, I wouldn’t prefer a well-behaved Sam Sloane.” A slow, sexy smile spread across her face, and she laid her hand on his forearm. “You’re perfect the way you are.”

“You think so, huh?” The warmth from her fingertips seeped into his skin. Her fingers tightened around his arm, and he stifled a groan. He was in trouble—and about as far from perfect as he could get. “What about the women in the shower?”

“They were stupid.” Alex’s tongue darted over her lower lip. “Everyone knows it’s not nice to kiss and tell.”

Big trouble. Sam jerked his arm out of her grasp, ignoring the hurt that flashed in her eyes. “We’d better get to the party before all the hot dogs disappear.”

Get Ogling the Outfielder exclusively at Amazon for a limited time.

April 6, 2015


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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a relaxing and rejuvenating Easter weekend. I picked up the milk to make myself one of those Cabury Creme Egg Egg Creams, but have yet to pull the trigger. Maybe tonight after work …

Okay, in truth, even though I’m sure it’ll taste ah-mazing, I’m the tiniest bit scared. I’ve tried escargot, frog legs and alligator, but scrambling a Cadbury Creme Egg makes me quake in my hot-pink Reebok Skyscapes. Go figure.

With JUST RIGHT coming out tomorrow, it’s going to be a busy week for me. (Not that I’ve been counting down or anything …)

Just Right | Arlene Hittle #romance #tmpress-2

If getting your name out there is half the battle, I should be winning this war. I feel as if I’ve been screaming my name from the top of the Empire State Building and scattering my book titles to the wind.

Among the places I’ve been popping up:

• Abigail Sharpe’s newest newsletter. Abs and I go way back. She’s the one who called me to tell me BEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER finaled in the FCRW Beacon. The phone rang as I left the post office with receipt in hand for mailing BEAUTY to RWA HQ for the Golden Heart. (Yes, in 2010-11 you still had to mail hard copies.)

I love the idea of including friends’ releases in my newsletter, so I might just steal it. You’ve been warned.

• I’ve been invited to be a guest on author Kim Smith‘s Writer Groupie podcast. My first podcast — and I’ll be doing it via Skype, so it’ll be on YouTube, too.

Gulp. On video, I can’t hide the extra pounds I’ve picked up since taking my author photo …

Seriously, though. I’m both nervous and excited. Now that the antenna fell off my car and I can’t get it to stay on, I’ve only recently started listening to podcasts. Some radio stations still come in, but they fuzz in and out, so I’ve been listening to podcasts on the drive to work, or on longer drives out of town.

I find them informative, inspirational and entertaining. If I can manage to be one of those three, I’ll consider my podcast debut a #win.

We’re set to record the interview Friday night, around 5 p.m. my time. I’ll link to it when it’s ready.

• BREAKING ALL THE RULES is now listed on Night Owl Reviews.
Night Owl Reviews

It hasn’t been selected for a review yet (that I know of), so if you know anyone who reviews for Night Owl and likes romcom with a geeky bent, feel free to talk it up.

• BREAKING ALL THE RULES got its first review on Amazon — four stars!

Amazon review of Breaking All the Rules | Arlene Hittle

Thanks, sjh in SLC!

• The 2015 Goodreads Author Cyber Convention starts Friday.

Author Cyber Convention - Banner Image

Click the banner to visit the fairgrounds. My “booth” is here:

I’ve promised to give away a $5 Amazon gift card to a new newsletter subscriber … so get on it. (You can subscribe using the form to the right of this blog post.)

• I joined Camp NaNoWriMo. Been adding new words to an old, old story that I’m revamping as a Harlequin Blaze. I submitted the first chapter last month during the #BlazeBlitz on Twitter, and now have everything crossed in hopes that they like it and want to see more. I could handle being a Blaze Babe.

Cellphone is one word now—at least according to the Associated Press. And since AP style is drilled into my head at the day job, one word it shall stay, even if it drives me up the wall.

The AP also recently changed style on under way. After two decades of swearing “under way” was two words in all uses except nautical ones—as in underway flotilla, whatever that is—it’s cropping up in stories as “underway”—and … you guessed it … making me crazy.

Enough about AP style—or lack thereof. I wanted to talk about cellphones for a moment. Coconino County, where I live, recently passed a ban on most cellphone use while driving. (Hands-free devices are an exception.)

What’s that you say? A great idea?

There was a time I’d have agreed with you. I remember when I got my first cellphone, circa Y2K. I swore I would NEVER talk and drive. I’d pull off the road to answer and/or make a call.

For a while, that’s what I did. But as time passed, the phone’s newness wore off and I developed new habits.

I found myself answering the ringing phone on the road. Then I started actually making calls from a moving vehicle. A few months ago, I caught myself checking the screen when I heard it beep with a text message. (I didn’t answer it, just quickly read the preview on my lock screen—but even that made the Boyfriend yell. Like he never uses his phone while driving …)

Even worse, when I’m sitting at a stoplight, out comes the phone so I can scroll through tweets or Facebook posts … or take a quick peek at how well my latest release is doing on Amazon.

Hey now—I never said they were good habits.

They are, however, habits I’ll have to curb—and fast. The county’s ban takes effect in a few short weeks. Maybe I’ll start keeping my purse in the back seat instead of the passenger seat. I’m just afraid that when it starts ringing, it’ll drive me nuts.

Email with DIVA and BEAUTYSpeaking of Amazon, I woke up this morning (well before my alarm) to an email advertising not one but two of my books. Beauty is No. 1 on the list; Diva is No. 4.

I love it when Amazon advertises my own books to me. Hopefully it’s an indication they’re being pushed on other folks, too.

That’s what I’m assuming, anyway, despite the well-known dangers about what happens when you assume.

SLIDING INTO HOME is getting its fair share of attention, too. Earlier this week, it received not one but two reviews on Amazon. One was a four-star, one was a five-star.

The highlights:

While reading this book I felt happy, I laughed out loud. One of my favorite quotes is “ So help me, if you apologize for kissing me, I will stab you with the scissors that came with my new desk set.” “ I wouldn’t dream of it.” …
This is my first book by Arlene Hittle and it definitely will not be my last. It’s a very fast paced story, I couldn’t put it down. I read this book in less than one day! Arlene is a very talented author!!

— from a 5-star review by Bre

I really liked this book. It was funny and romantic and sexy. Greg struggles with all these emotions about his relationship with his father. He feels like he is always in his father’s shadow and can’t find a way to get out from underneath it. Jenn is sweet and really like Greg. She wants to find a way to help him. They have great chemistry. The book was very well written and the characters were engaging. I will defiantly be reading the other books in this series.

— from a 4-star review by badkat17us

Now when I pull up SLIDING’s Amazon page, DIVA and BEAUTY pop up as “also-buys.” Not too shabby, I’d say.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.14.58 AM

Your turn: Do you have any bad cellphone habits? How do you break yourself of them?