April 11, 2015



I won’t waste time with a long introduction. This week’s My Sexy Saturday snippet is from my newest release, Just Right, which came out on Tuesday. Callie, who’s pretty handy thanks to her handyman father, has volunteered to help the Behr brothers work on her house. Ty, the hero of the story, has asked oldest brother Will what she can do.


Just Right | Arlene HittleShe felt Will studying her, sizing her up. She narrowed her eyes and drew herself to her full height, five feet, four inches. At times like this, when dealing with judgmental men who looked at her and saw nothing but a helpless female, she’d gladly give up stardom for six inches of height and ten pounds less hair.

Finally, he spoke. “You know how to swing a sledgehammer?”

“I think I can manage.” It couldn’t be much harder than swinging a twenty-pound kettlebell, right? She could do that in her sleep—and sometimes did, when premiere parties ran long and interfered with her workouts at four in the morning with Gunnar Glory, personal trainer to the stars. She’d completed more than a few sweat sessions less than half awake.

He nodded. “Good. You can help Ty knock out the kitchen cabinets.”

Ty looked worried. Probably afraid she was going to clock him with the sledgehammer.

His words confirmed her suspicion. “Isn’t there something…easier she can do?”

Perhaps clocking him was a good idea. Might knock his sensibilities into the new millennium.

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