May 23, 2012

Guest Posts


I can’t remember how I first “met” Keri Ford. I think I found her through Twitter first, then picked up “On the Fence.” It doesn’t matter, though: Between her sometimes hilarious tweets and engaging, steamy stories, I’m hooked.

That’s why, when Keri was looking for stops to add to her Roughnecks Blog Tour, my virtual hand shot high in the air.

Welcome to Love & Laughter, Keri. I’m honored to have you be my first guest blogger. Take it away.

Arlene, thank you so much for letting me crash at your place today! I’m excited to tell everyone a little about Lane and Gretchen from my latest release, Rough Ride.

If you could take a classic soccer type mom who had no children, that would be Gretchen. She’s down home. She keeps a tidy house, she keeps a tidy yard. She loves to bake and cook. She’s there for her friends when they need her. Even her best friend admits that if she were a lesbian, she’d be all over Gretchen because she is one awesometastic gal. She’s by no means perfect, but when it comes to that down-home, southern lady, you can’t find a better description than Gretchen.

And Lane sees this in her. And he WANTS. Boy does he want. But Lane isn’t staying in town. So the idea of getting a fling going with this very obvious roots woman and then leaving the small town behind where his brother will be living? Yeah…not such a great idea.

As Lane is tempted by Gretchen, he constantly has to remind himself of the sweet kind of person she is. I mean, she even makes homemade pine cone bird feeders! So today, I’ve got a treat for you.

An instructional video on pine cone bird feeders. This was my first attempt at this and I realized something quickly—I am so not cool with sharing my peanut butter with a bunch of birds who just poop all over my car. I scarified. This time. They better not get used to it.

(Note from Arlene: My techno-challenged self can’t get the embedded video to work here. The link above should take you right to it, though.)

What was the last craft project you did? Leave me a comment and the winner will get their pick from my good friend and Inspirational Author, Winnie Griggs! Print Book and open internationally! Thank you Winnie so much for donating! See more about Winnie at her website Facebook!/profile.php?id=821533857



Keri Ford writes Sexy Country Contemporary Romances. See her website for more information about her books and The Roughnecks Blog Tour with all the giveaway, sneak peeks and blog stops:

Blurb for “Rough Ride”

You do for family, no matter what. Lane Iverson knows that better than anyone. Harboring a secret about his mother’s death, Lane is counting the days until he finishes helping his brothers with some work and can head back to his hiding hole hours away. As long as he doesn’t have to face his three brothers every day, the guilt is easier to carry.

There is only one thing that can risk his plan. All of five foot tall with these deep eyes and a voice that shudders through him. The completely addicting, Gretchen Jones. She’s been watching him the entire time he’s been in town. With courage from her friends behind her, she confronts what she wants. To her surprise, that’s the easy part. Keeping her heart protected when she knows he’ll be leaving? Not so easy, but her only choice.
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May 22, 2012

Guest Posts

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I’m super excited to have my very first guest blog post scheduled for tomorrow, May 23. Keri Ford, whose Uninhibited in Apple Trail series kept me from getting much sleep on my overnight flight to NYC for RWA Nationals last summer, will be stopping by as part of her Roughnecks Blog Tour.

She even has a giveaway.

Be sure to come say hello.

May 13, 2012


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My four-legged fur children have no clue what day it is and my Mom died nearly a decade ago, so Mother’s Day is just another Sunday for me.

But this year, as I was looking for a card for the Boyfriend’s mother, I saw one that made me think of Mom and laugh.



I’d like to thank the makers of this card, because they get it. They know that not all mothers need sappy sentiment. My Mom would have assumed I was ill had I given her one of those “wishing you all the happiness in the world” cards.

In my family, laughter truly is the best medicine. We even told stories and laughed during visiting hours before my parents’ funerals.

Whether you laugh until it hurts or laugh to keep from crying, it’s good to throw back your head and have a good chortle every so often.

After all, you have to have a sense of humor to get through this joke we call life, right?

May 11, 2012



Everyone says writers need to read anything and everything they can get their hands on.

I’m sure they’re right. When I was younger, my nose was always buried in a book. Reading was my favorite free-time activity.

Nowadays, with a full-time job and a Boyfriend, I have a lot less free time. The time I do have tends to be devoted to things like cooking, eating or playing online. Most of my reading is confined to blogs. A few of them deal with writing, but since I’m still trying to lose about 50 pounds, the majority are healthy living blogs.

As a result, I know about 500 workout tips and 1,002 different ways to make oatmeal — good for my diet/health, but it doesn’t do much for my creativity.

The precious little time I have left after working and taking care of the business of life, I tend to want to spend writing my own books, not reading someone else’s. Sure, I tweet my #FridayReads when I think about it — but if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice I often  tweet the same book several weeks straight.

But with so many of my Starcatcher sisters’ stories hitting the market, there are a lot of great new reads I don’t want to miss. I’d start naming some of them, but I’m afraid I’d miss too many. We’re a talented group.

With e-readers putting books at my fingertips 24/7, there’s no excuse not to read them. I already own a Nook, and I finally broke down and put the Kindle app on my phone, too. Now I can download some of the free books tweeted by some of the authors I follow.

Since downloading the Kindle app, I’ve devoured GH winner Laurie Kellogg’s “A Little Bit of Deja Vu” and am more than halfway through Juli Alexander’s “My Life as the Ugly Stepsister.”

I’ve been sneaking a few pages while standing in line at the grocery store and bank, or while I’m in the bathroom at work. (Shh … don’t tell.)

Now that I’m reading books as often as blogs, I look forward to crossing a lot more titles off my TBR list. You can follow my reads — and my progress on the 2012 reading challenge — on Goodreads. (I originally set a goal of 26 books for the year, but now that I’ve rediscovered the joy of reading, I hope to read a lot more than that.)