August 22, 2015


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LynnSexySaturday_bannerIs there a time of day that’s sexier than the rest? Not for the characters I create. For them, any time is sexy time. If they have a modicum of privacy and a place to get reasonably horizontal, they do.

Personally, I feel decidedly UNsexy in the morning. Ever seen that Facebook meme that says “If he really loves you, he’ll let you sleep?” Yeah. That.

But My Sexy Saturday isn’t about me; it’s about my Eveready characters. Someone—namely me—makes sure their batteries are always fully charged. 😉

This week, I’m sharing another seven-line snippet from Beauty and the Ballplayer, which is being re-released Tuesday as part of Turquoise Morning Press’ Unforgettable Heroes II boxed set.

Salsa dancing on Heritage Square is a thing in Flagstaff—I know, because I went a couple of times. I had a blast, so when it came time for Meg and Matt to do something fun in Flagstaff, I picked Salsa on the Square. In this scene, they’ve been dancing long enough for Meg to call him on the “I’m not much of a dancer” line he’d fed her before the music began.

What can I say? I like my guys without an ego the size of Texas.

Happy reading!


Beauty and the Ballplayer | Arlene HittleAs she suspected, Matt was a much better dancer than he’d let on. She was the one who had trouble getting the steps right while he moved as if he’d been born to a Latin beat.

“Two left feet, my ass,” she muttered after stumbling for what seemed like the thousandth time in five minutes.

Even as his eyebrows shot up, Matt tightened his grip on her waist to steady her. “You caught me.”

Unfazed by his sheepish expression, Meg giggled. “I didn’t think you’d be a bad dancer.”

“Just call it the curse of being a natural athlete. I’m good at everything I do.”

Whether he’d intended it or not, the comment conjured a distinct picture in her mind. It produced another shiver and her breath caught in her throat. “Everything?”

When he nodded, the shiver doubled in strength. Meg had no doubt he was telling the truth this time. Matt would be amazing at anything he tried—in or out of bed.


Unforgettable Heroes IIBEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER is available on its own for $2.99, but it’s also part of Turquoise Morning Press’ new Unforgettable Heroes II boxed set, which is available for preorder now and releases Tuesday, Aug. 25. For the bargain price of 99 cents, 13 national bestselling and award-winning authors deliver romance fiction featuring incredible, unforgettable romance heroes. This set runs the gamut from contemporary to historical romance, sweet romance to erotic, suspense to paranormal, and includes baseball players, cowboys, Celtic warriors, and more….


August 15, 2015

Excerpts, Meg & Matt

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LynnSexySaturday_bannerWelcome to the My Sexy Saturday blog hop. Long time no see, eh?

I’ve been alternately working the day job (which takes up more energy than I’d like, even though I work 5 fewer hours a week than I did in Flagstaff), hiding out in my writing cave (halfway through a new Love & Baseball short!) and preparing for the release of Turquoise Morning Press’ UNFORGETTABLE HEROES II boxed set, of which BEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER is a part.

This week’s theme is “My Sexy Boyfriend,” and I’m in luck—or maybe it’s you, the readers, who are in luck. Matt, BEAUTY’s hero, is outstanding boyfriend material.

Oh sure, he’s a tad hesitant to commit—and once he does, he battles an overbearing streak. Even with his flaws, he’s an improvement over Meg’s ex-boyfriend. (That one dumped her to join the professional poker circuit, before he had any idea she was pregnant. He wrote a terse goodbye note on the back of the receipt for her birth control prescription.)

Here’s an excerpt that showcases the difference between Matt and the ex. Enjoy!


Beauty and the Ballplayer | Arlene Hittle“Meg wouldn’t have sent someone looking for me if everything was fine.”

Matt didn’t bother to hide his astonishment that Tim could speak more than two words at once. “She didn’t send me.”

“Then why are you here?”

Whoa. Five whole words this time. He’d have to work harder than that to break his last-sentence record of twelve. Matt took another moment to debate with himself before answering. “I thought you deserved to know.”

“Know what?”

The guy had a right to know he was about to be a father, no matter how despicable—or illiterate—he might be. Matt took a deep breath. “Meg’s pregnant.”

Tim dipped his head so the hat again hid his eyes, but Matt caught a glimmer of something he didn’t like before the shade fell. “Not mine.”

Unforgettable Heroes IIBEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER is available on its own for $2.99, but it’s also part of Turquoise Morning Press’ new Unforgettable Heroes II boxed set, which is available for preorder now and releases Aug. 25. For the bargain price of 99 cents,  13 national bestselling and award-winning authors deliver romance fiction featuring incredible, unforgettable romance heroes. This set runs the gamut from contemporary to historical romance, sweet romance to erotic, suspense to paranormal, and includes baseball players, cowboys, Celtic warriors, and more….


August 11, 2015

Feature, Meg & Matt

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Turquoise Morning Press’ Unforgettable Heroes II boxed set will be available soon, and I’m excited to be a part of it. BEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER is among the 13 fantastic books you’ll get for the super-low introductory price of 99 cents (through August).

After Sept. 1, the price shoots up to $6.99. If you ask me, that’s still a bargain for 13 hunky heroes you won’t want to forget—but everyone loves a sale, so preorder your copy now.

Here are all the details:

Pre-order Date – Available Now!

Release Date: August 25, 2015

Unforgettable Heroes II 

ISBN: 978-1-62237-423-6

Heat Level: This 13 book set contains stories from sweet to erotic romance

Price Promotion: $0.99 for pre-order period through release week

Retail Price: $6.99 after September 1

Media > Books > Fiction > Romance Novels

Keywords & Themes: romance, heroes, Alpha, contemporary, historical, comedy, cowboys, suspense, paranormal, sweet romance, erotic romance, beach, older couple, ninja, warrior


13 NATIONAL BESTSELLING AND AWARD-WINNING AUTHORS deliver romance fiction featuring incredible, unforgettable romance heroes. This set runs the gamut from contemporary to historical romance, sweet romance to erotic, suspense to paranormal, and includes baseball players, cowboys, Celtic warriors, and more….

UP CLOSE – ELIZABETH BEVARLY is the New York Times bestselling, RITA Award-nominated author of more than seventy novels and novellas. Up Close is the perfect beach read, blending adventure and intrigue with romance and sensuality, peppered with the author’s signature humor.

PARKER: THE MONTANA MCKENNAS, (Book 4) – MADDIE JAMES is an International bestselling author of more than thirty romance novels and novellas. Parker, is her latest release in the Montana McKennas western romance series.

SPRING CHICKENS – MARGARET ETHRIDGE is a National bestselling author, contemporary romance fan favorite, and TMP top-selling author. Her second chance at love story, Spring Chickens, is a romance that defies the ageists!

CRESCENT MOON – JANET EAVES is a National bestselling author of the Ladies of Legend series of books. Crescent Moon, a Legend After Dark novella, takes the townsfolk of quiet Legend, TN on a bit of a different spin. It’s still Legend, only darker.

RESCUED BY THE CELTIC WARRIOR – AMY JARECKI is a National bestselling author of more than ten Scottish historical romance novels. Rescued by the Celtic Warrior is a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick.

SCENT OF A SHADOW – JENNIFER JOHNSON is a National bestselling author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. Scent of a Shadow, features a man making his living by hiding in the shadows, and a divorced mother of three, who finds him.

THE GULL MOTEL – AMIE DENMAN is an EPIC Award and Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence finalist for her books. The Gull Motel, a beach read about a young woman who takes over a small Florida motel and falls for the man next door, earned a 4-star review from RT Bookreviews.

NICK OF TIME – BOBBYE TERRY is a Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence finalist in Mystery/Suspense, and a National bestselling author. Nick of Time is a Climax, Virginia novel of suspense, intrigue and romance.

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH – JC WARDON is the author of the thirteen-book Mystic Waters series, called a “series to watch” by her publisher. Diamond in the Rough, is book 6 of the Cavanaugh Family series.

BEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER – ARLENE HITTLE is the author of seven contemporary romance novels and novellas. Beauty and the Ballplayer is a 2011 Golden Heart finalist and winner of the First Coast RWA unpublished Beacon.

RIVETING HIS ATTENTION – MAY WILLIAMS is the author of historical romance, Riveting His Attention, which has been called “fun and flirty” and “adorable” by her fans. May writes both contemporary and historical romance.

CORPORATE COWBOY – BELLA MASTERS is the erotic romance pen name of International bestselling author Maddie James. Corporate Cowboy, an All Romance Ebooks bestseller, received a favorable 4 Star Review from RT Bookreviews.

RUNNING NOWHERE – LISA TAPP is the author of Maggie Award Finalist, Finding Beth, the first title in her Young Adult Ro Davis Series. Her book Running Nowhere, part of the contemporary romantic suspense Maystown Series, was the Romantic Suspense winner of the Hot Prospect Contest and was named a finalist in the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense.




July 29, 2015


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I haven’t hosted many blog tours, but this collection, which includes Nola Cross, one of my Starcatchers sisters, was too intriguing to pass up. I love a good story with elements of things we can’t explain.

Without further ado, here are the details on Psychic Seductions:

A hot, new anthology that’s sure to seduce your senses and it’s on SALE for 99 cents as a special LIMITED RELEASE price. 

Psychic Seductions

When it comes to love, sex, and seduction, these psychics break all the rules. Seven sexy stories and seven gifts of insight that will make you a believer.

Always You by Ella Jade

Aurora Mills has moved back to her hometown after a messy divorce which has left her penniless. Her friend Clara offers her a job at their family’s pub, and within days Aurora runs into Clara’s older brother Caleb. Aurora has always been attracted to him—there’s something about him that just draws her in.

Caleb Larson has spent the past few years coming to terms with the tragic deaths of his parents and struggling with the guilt of not being able to prevent it. His gift of premonitions should have allowed him to see their future. After Aurora returns to town, whenever he’s in her presence, he can sense that they have a deep connection of some type. Then he has a powerful vision from the past, and he knows there’s even more to his feelings than he thought. Can these two lost souls find peace in each other’s arms?


A Hint of Heaven by Nola Cross

Firefighter Jake Manley is a no-nonsense kind of guy. So when his little sister goes to see pet psychic Carrie Westfield, he lets the beautiful medium know he’s got a watchful eye on her. But somehow she does seem to know more than she should, including painful secrets from his past. When the helpful spirit of his boyhood dog shows up, things get even stranger, making him question everything he thought was true. Can Jake accept that life doesn’t end with death and let go of the guilt he’s carried all these years? More importantly, can he let Carrie Westfield into his heart?


Cupid and Cupcakes by Jacquie Underdown

In a snowy, sleepy town is a quaint cupcake shop. People travel from miles away to visit this sugar-scented store because they think it’s magical. They’re not entirely wrong. But it isn’t the shop, or the cupcakes it sells, that’s magical…it’s the owner.

Penny loves her little store, but people don’t visit Cupid and Cupcakes solely for her cakes. They have an ulterior motive—they’re seeking love. Penny is a matchmaker, a modern-day cupid, and she’s great at it. Never wrong. Unfortunately, Penny’s gift doesn’t work where her own love life is concerned. That is until Jonathon reappears in her life. He’s her best friend’s brother, utterly wrong for her, and completely off-limits. Or is he?


Psychic Set-Up by Lacey Wolfe

During a drunken night of self-wallowing over his failed love life, Parker Evans wanders into Psychic Set-Up to see what a matchmaking psychic can do for him. But once he meets the luscious psychic he’s not interested in anyone else.

Willow Webb is an aura reader who plays matchmaker for a living. While she has tremendous success matching up others, her own love life is nonexistent. Men aren’t able to handle being involved with a woman who can read their every emotion. But she finds herself drawn to her handsome new client. When it comes time to match him up, will she do her job or keep him for herself?


Something in the Water by Lisa Knight

Kindergarten teacher Jill O’Halloran does her best to disregard the visions she sees in pools of still water, having learned from a young age that it wasn’t something that happened to normal people. But when images of Darcy Albright in the throes of passion keep appearing, they prove too difficult to ignore. Jill can’t understand why she’s so drawn to Darcy. Sure he’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t do relationships.

When Darcy’s ex-wife drops a bombshell, Jill discovers that he’s all too familiar with futuristic visions. But is the prospect of learning more about the gift she’s denied for so long worth the risk of falling for him?


Indigo Stars by Stephanie Beck

Indigo’s ability to create light with her mind was always a fun parlor trick, but since her cancer diagnosis, the parlor has closed for business. On the brink of major health failure, she can’t help but wonder when her good luck ran out.

Dr. Lee Russell believes in healing by any means necessary. He uses his psychic powers in special cases when modern medicine just can’t help. Indigo’s case is special. She’s like him, yet she wastes her gift creating stars. He heals her, but doesn’t expect much, not until he gets sick himself and only Indy’s touch can ease his pain. He’s never seen himself as anything more than a healer, but to save his own life, Lee will have to mentor Indigo to reach beyond the stars and use her gift in ways she never imagined.


Taming Fury by Ellen Cummins

Holly is a mind-moving Fury who electrifies all human flesh she touches. Even her own family has sent her packing. She moves things with her mind, manipulating fire with the flick of her finger, but she burns for the one thing that has never been an option for her—love.

When she catches sight of the handsome man helping her new neighbor move in she longs to take a chance and introduce herself…to pretend to be normal just once. It could easily end in disaster, but surprisingly, when she shakes his hand, no mind-blowing electrocution follows, and she begins to hope. But it turns out that her touch has affected Jacob in a way she never imagined, and it will change his life forever.

Content Warning: these stories contain sensual sex scenes

You can grab an excerpt for each story here

Psychic Seductions is available now.

Beachwalk Press



The authors of the Psychic Seductions Anthology are giving away 2 $20 Amazon Gift Cards to celebrate the release of this spectacular collection.

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